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  • Welcome to Moodle!  Let's Get Started...

  • Checking Assignments

    Option 1...

    1. Click on the course.

    2. The assignments will be listed with the hand holding the piece of paper symbol.

    Option 2...

    1. Click on the month on the calendar (i.e. August 2014).

    2. You will see all assignments for all classes and when they are due.

    3. You can also click on the individual day and see more details for that particular day. 

    • Checking Gradebook

      1. Click on the course.

      2. settings to see your grades for that course

      3. To see all class grades -- From the top drop down menu select "site wide user report," and select HS courses. Scroll down to see all grades

      4. At the very bottom of each course you will see the overall course average or you can look at each category to see the average for that category.

      • Editing my Profile

        1. Click "My Profile Settings" from the settings block
        2. Click "Edit Profile"
        3. You may enter your email address or other information.  Students are not allowed to change their user name or picture.
        • Communicating in Moodle

          Moodle has several tools for class communication:  These features are limited to the confines of the course and can only be accessed by Teachers and Students enrolled in the course.

          Forums:  this tool allows students to collaborate and discuss a topic within a discussion context.  All posts can be seen by all the members of the course.  Students can modify their post for 30 minutes before it becomes permanent.  Forums may be graded.

          Chats:  this tool allows students to discuss a topic in real time.  Chat information is seen by all participants and does not allow editing.  Chats are monitored and managed by the course Teacher.

          Instant Messaging:  this tool allows students to collaborate and to ask questions of the teacher.  Messages can be monitored by Administration and Teachers.  Messaging is intended for course work only and can be disabled for a specific student upon parent or guardian request.

          Email Options:  Students may enter in a personal email address into their profile.  If entered, Moodle will forward Forum Posts, Chat Comments, and Messages to that email address.  This feature is optional and students are not required to enter in an email address.

          • Troubleshooting Tips

            When linking Google Docs and/or Dropbox to your Moodle, please link them first from a desktop before accessing them on your iPad.

            • Pages and Moodle

              To Save a document and upload it to Moodle

              1. Click on the wrench in the top right corner
              2. Click share and print
              3. Click on open in another app
              4. Click Word
              5. Click Choose app
              6. Choose Google Drive, CloudOn (will be installed for students and teachers), Dropbox, whatever cloud storage you are using
              7. Then when in Moodle you will see several new ways to add/upload documents, including google drive, dropbox, evernote, etc.