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  • 4th Grade Explorers

    4th Grade Explorers

    Let your hope make you glad, be patient in times of trouble, and never stop praying      

    Romans 12:12 



    • Explorers News

      Thank you so much for supplying the Explorers classes with items from our Wishlist! What a blessing all of you are to this program! The Wishlist will remain online and available for viewing/selecting beyond today, and you may send an item in at any point. Thanks again for your generosity. I can't wait to share these items with the kids!



      Mrs. Freeman & Mr. Ray's Classes:

      Tuesdays 11:00-12:30 break for lunch & recess and then 1:30-2:40

      Mrs. Baldwin's Class:

      Thursdays 11:00-12:30 break for lunch & recess and then 1:30-2:40

    • Family Challenge

      This Week's Family Challenge

      (email answer by Friday, Nov. 3rd)


      Hink Pinks (rhyming pairs) Find the pair of rhyming words that matches a silly definition. Examples:

      plate for a shark = fish dish

      keeps a cat's paws warm = kitten's mittens


      1. rabbit that tells jokes = ___  ___

      2. unhappy father = ___  ___

      3. large group of people that are noisy = ___  ___


      Bonus: Create your own hink pink for us to solve!

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