• Early Childhood

    Let the little children come to me.

    Mark 10:14



    • WELCOME!!

      Some of the most critical learning on the Heritage campus takes place in the brightly colored Preschool, Prep-K, and Kindergarten classrooms.  It is there that our school's youngest students learn everything from the alphabet to social skills to foundational Biblical truths.  

      Preschool Classes (3 by June 1st) are available in 3 day and 5 day, full day and half day

      Prep-K Classes (4 by June 1st) are available in 3 day and 5 day, full day or 5 day half day

      Kindergarten Classes (5 by June 1st) are available in full day and half day

      • Early Childhood Principles


        Early Childhood at Heritage Christian School consists of Preschool (3 by June 1), Prep-K (4 by June 1), and Kindergarten (5 by June 1).

        Our mission is to glorify God through the discipleship of students and the pursuit of excellence in education with the Bible as the foundation and Jesus Christ as our focus.

        Our principles are founded on the Word of God and we believe we are effective when we:

        • Respect God's developmental design by recognizing young children think, grow, and learn differently than older children and plan for age-appropriate leaning strategies.
        • Communicate and collaborate effectively through a partnership with parents in the education of their child.
        • Model God's unconditional love while upholding biblical Christian values.
        • Implement developmentally and age-appropriate researched practices based on how young children learn and grow.
        • Teach to the whole child:  spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and cognitive.  
        • Provide activities that include teacher guided instruction and child initiated exploration.
        • Provide for play as a vital part of the young child's learning experience as they experience God's world, express themselves, learn to manage relationships regulate behaviors, and foster imagination.