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    Device Requirements
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    7th & 8th Grade Requirement: iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro
    High School Requirement: iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro or Macbook air or pro 
    Although Apple offers iPads with 3G/4G data plans, this feature is NOT required.  Data plans involve a monthly fee and allow "universal" and unsecured internet connectivity through a service similar to an iPhone.  For these reasons, HCS recommends not purchasing a data plan.  Students will be required to connect their iPad to the HCS wireless network and to disable 3G/4G access while on the HCS campus.

    Optional Accessories: 

    Other Recommendations: 

    We highly recommend that individual devices be engraved (personalized) and that they be insured.  Apple offers free engraving and provides Apple Care insurance.  Various companies offer additional optional insurance:

    All devices should have the Find my iPhone app installed. (Free)


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      Apps and Recommendations
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      Apps for Students:

      For some courses, Students may be required to install educational apps.  Teachers are NOT permitted to require Students to purchase apps without specific approval from HCS administration.  

      HCS App List

      Recommended apps for Middle School

      Email for Students:

      Students are strongly recommended to have an email address.  Students may enter a personal email address into Moodle to receive notifications from Teachers.  HCS does not issue email accounts to students.  If you are looking for free email and online storage we recommend: Gmail

      Online (Cloud) Storage:

      Beginning in the fall of 2016 high school students will be provided with a Google Drive account through Heritage Christian School's Google Apps for Education. Beginning in the fall of 2017 middle school students will be provided with a Google Drive account. Students will be expected to use this account for school related file storage.  Heritage Christian School will maintain ownership of this account and it will be suspended from the student's use at the time the student is no longer enrolled at HCS.  The ability to collaborate with peers and teachers is a tremendous asset of a Google Drive account as well as having the ability to access files from multiple devices.

      iPad Loan for Students:

      The Technology department has a limited amount of devices available for students that have forgotten or damaged their personal device.  Students may borrow a device as needed.  Students may bring their devices to the Technology department to charge their battery.

      iPad Loan Policy

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        Securing and Monitoring Student Devices
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        Parent Training:

        It is vital that parents take an active role in keeping students safe from the dangers of the Internet.  Heritage recommends a multi-level approach to securing devices.  If you would like to setup an appointment to be trained on securing a student device, please contact the Director of Technology.

        Stan Crosley Presentation

        Jason Perry Presentation

        Parent Check List


        Monitoring student usage is the single most important thing a parent/guardian can do to keep students safe.  At HCS, Students are only allowed to use iPads/Devices while actively being monitored by Faculty or Staff.


        Parental controls for the iPad can be found under Settings > General > Restrictions. Through this menu you can lock down access to potentially dangerous sites/apps including Safari, YouTube, and  iTunes. Furthermore, we recommend restricting the downloading of apps and setting an appropriate rating for content.

        How to Set Restrictions

        Jailbroken Devices:

        Jailbroken or IOS modified devices are not allowed on any HCS network.  The following Apps are indicators that an iPad has been jailbroken (these are app stores/installers):  Cydia, Installer, Icy

        VPN and Proxy Apps:

        There are several apps that allow students to circumvent internet filters.  Often these apps are called "privacy", "vpn", "proxy" or "secure surfing" apps.  HCS does block many of these apps, however, the best way to keep these apps off a student device is for parents to restrict student access to the app store.  Any attempt by students to bybass network monitoring violates HCS Policy.

        Security Apps:

        Web Safe Browsers:

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          Moodle (Online Learning Management System)
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          The 1 to 1 initiative also includes an online learning environment for Students and Teachers. Parents log into Moodle to view their student's assignments, grades, and course progress using their student's credentials.

          Moodle Help Course